Lifevine Wines

Pure & Natural Never Tasted This Good!

Hand-crafted for Quality...Lab-tested for Purity.

Lifevine Wines Awards

Pure & Natural

At Lifevine, we know that just having fewer calories and less sugar in our wine isn’t enough. We believe wine should be free of harmful pesticides as well as industrial and environmental contaminants.  That is why our wines have been evaluated for these substances that would never be found on a product label. Lifevine wines are the ONLY Certified Pesticide Free wines in America.

Lifestyle Approved

Whether you are keto-friendly, vegan or just concerned about how much sugar you consume, our wines were created to fit your Lifestyle from vine to glass.

Lab Tested & Certified

Tested for the highest standard of purity!  Our wines have been independently sampled and tested in an accredited analytical chemistry laboratory for harmful environmental contaminants and toxins and over 200 pesticides.

Rooted in Purity. Crafted with Care.